World of Warcraft

All games on PC platforms are riddled with occasional bugs and glitches on their first release, and even a top selling game like World of WarCraft is no exception. Patches are not only meant to fix mistakes on the developer’s side, but they can also include some minor tweaks to the gameplay, add some new enhancements or plug-in exploits that other players take advantage of. Having the latest official World of WarCraft patch will allow you to enjoy the most stable build with all the latest fixes and enhancements that the developers applied for all online players.

Since World of WarCraft is purely an online RPG, you cannot play the game without installing the latest World of WarCraft patch in your system. This is because Blizzard checks your version when you log in to the server and compares it with the server version if it is equal or not. This is to ensure all players are equally balanced and share fixes and feature set.

A World of WarCraft patch is around 20-40 MB and can escalate as future patches are released. That’s a big file size for a patch and usually, has a long list of changes making these patches worth the wait for downloading and installing.

Patches are conveniently downloadable from the Blizzard servers on demand while the game is running, so you don’t have to worry about finding the patches yourself. However, there are plenty of mirrors around that offer several links to the latest patch. Try to avoid these whenever possible as they may contain viruses or trojans that can modify your system and possibly corrupt your game.

Even though World of WarCraft downloads the latest patch when needed when the game runs, that shouldn’t stop you from checking out what the patch does on Blizzard’s Patch Notes section. Many of the changes usually consist of exploit fixing and some improvements to the features. This can affect both your game play and strategies whenever a patch is released. By knowing all the major changes, you can adjust ahead of players that don’t bother checking it out.

Any World of WarCraft and expansion owners should check out notes regarding previous patches while the others should upgrade to the latest World of WarCraft patch as soon as possible to play. The updating process is usually hassled free to most gamers and after it’s finished installing; all you can do is enjoy the features while you can until a next patch is needed.

When playing a game of any kind, it’s all about the ammunition and power that you can gain along the way. This is especially true if you are playing an online game like World of Warcraft. Popularized by Blizzard Entertainment a few years back, Wow as a game has become one of the most successful series ever released in the market, which has millions of people as followers.

Although the game universe is fictional, you might be surprised at just how similar it is to the real world in the sense that gold is what makes the world go round. So how exactly can you work your way towards earning more gold in Wow? What are you supposed to do as a player to gain as much riches as you can and be in for fun filled adventure while playing the game?

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