Star Wars: The Old Republic

The RPG specialists Bioware required by the trade press for a long time Gamescom-date: before journalists the mega-project “Star Wars – The Old Republic could” test, even for twenty minutes, they had to look at a half-hour demonstration. Specific requirements for a special game obviously. COMPUTER GAMES PICTURE took the time – and it was worth it: The online role-playing game “The Old Republic” plays refreshingly different and believe with authentic “Star Wars”-like atmosphere.

Tell analysis, online role-playing game
“The Old Republic ‘plays several thousand years before the events of the movies. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are still up.Nevertheless, there is unrest in the galaxy: The former peace agreement between Jedi and Sith warriors everywhere rage and crumbling smaller skirmishes. So much for history. “The Old Republic” sees itself as an online narrative role-playing. Unlike competing, titles here are straightforward tasks with an exciting plot in the foreground.

All dialogs in the game sound to the developer. In addition to an English, there is a French and German synchronization. The dialog system of “The Old Republic” enthusiastic in the early version of the title: Players always have the choice whether to be aggressive or subtle. If one is traveling in a group of adventurers, too rough edges approach rapidly provides resentment among teammates. The title always binds all the group members at the meeting: The issues between the players jump up and down. To determine the way each of the adventure miKampf with the lightsaber

In “The Old Republic” there are five character classes: the shrewd smuggler hiding behind walls on a button and enters his opponents by powerful special moves between the legs. The trooper is a soldier with a large laser gun and thicker armor heavily armed. The bounty hunter Boba-fat-like to fly a short time and has gadgets like a flamethrower. Of course the noble, not to have the lightsaber and Force powers Jedi equipped. The focus of the Gamescom-2009-presentation, the dark side of power was in the form of the Sith Lords.Diese gloomy fellows have effective Machtangriffe: Per shortcut leading players from well-known operations such as the stranglehold of Darth Vader. The Sith Fires lightning bolts from his hands – or he picks by thought power doors weighing tons.
The control of the old republic “is reminiscent of strong.Action role-playing games such as “Gothic” or “Sacred”: On the Online role-playing game Star Wars – The Old Republic: Flamethrower.Special attacks, with the left mouse button, leads the Sith warriors actions of its primary weapon (lightsaber) from. Gameplay is surprisingly fast: The March sprung to fly officially on the next opponent. Convenient: Once the Sith Jedi struck down a student to complete the all too short game session, the player grabbed his lightsaber and continued to fight with two blades.

Graphically, “recalls the Old Republic” to the “Star Wars” animated series. The faces of the figures seem exaggerated, do not want a realistic impression. The outer sections are convincing: External landscapes and beautiful buildings have drawn weaknesses of the graphics routine (for example, in buildings or the opponent display) almost forgotten.

First Impressions: Star Wars – The Old Republic
It is truly a mammoth project, which works because of Bioware. The enormous experience of the role-making experts to implement ambitious ideas (dialogue system!) Possible. Regarding combat mechanics “shows The Old Republic” positive approaches. The Gamescom-Conclusion: Bioware is to tinker on the right path, from the great template massive online role playing game.



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