Final Fantasy 14

Final fantasy 14 is the fourteenth version of one of the largest and popular online games in the web world. It is the second release after the final fantasy eleven in the final fantasy series of games designed to massively online with huge multiplayer capabilities taking it to a whole new level of gaming experience. Cheap FF14 Gil is role-playing game to allow a player to choose his or her desired role and thus offers the taste of everyone likes. The game is designed and developed by the square enix and is available in four different languages namely: English, German, Japanese, and French. But apart from developers’ point of view, the player is more interested in winning the points and in turn the money from it. And there comes the Gil’s guide to make it a piece of cake.

The best way to earn in the game of Final Fantasy XIV Gil is by clearing leves or levels in generic terms. On winning these leves and going to the next one, the player gets the reward points which are equivalent to earning money too. Now it depends on which mode or role you are playing the game in. There are mainly two types of modes: battlecraft leves and fieldcraft leves.

The battlecraft leves consist of tasks like fighting the monsters. These leves are best suited if a player is playing as the member of the discipline of war class as they can easily slay monsters due to their inheritance of battling powers. Similarly, field craft leves involve gathering specific objects. Thus they are most suited when the player is playing as the member of the land class. So if winning points is your main concern stick to the first rule of clearing leves suited for the discipline. FFXIV Gil for Sale will greatly enhance your performance and increase your powers subsequently in the next levels to come. Although earning by crafting is a nice option but most of the time it takes painfully long time whatever you try to make, even if it is a weapon or armor. The trick in this is to craft an item which is very rare and then selling it at a high price. The rarer the item is the higher is the chance to get more prices.

But if you do not have the patience to craft item over a long time, gathering items is another option to earn fast money. In this case also the rarer the item gathered is, the more money you can expect from it. For this first you should look for the rarest item which can be mined and then work for them. Once you have the item, try to Buy FFXIV Gil and sell it to the crafters at the highest possible price. The secret to earning a 1,000,000 of Gils can be tricky at time and it is advised to follow the chrono’s guide to get it fast without wasting much time on research. Chrono’s guide is a collection of secrets, tricks, and tips that will help you to go ahead of others in no time. So prepare yourself and dive into the world of online super gaming.

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