Elder Scrolls

If somehow you still haven’t heard of them, synergy skills are special class skills designed to be used together. Each synergy skill is paired with a skill from another of the Elder Scrolls online classes, and when they are used together, players get a bonus effect stronger than either skill alone. Obviously, synergy skills are designed for use in group play. Synergy skills are a unique aspect of ESO that encourages players in groups and PvP to actively work together. In effect, synergy skills let players use coordinated attacks, like in action movies and anime. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Crafting system

The ESO crafting system is sweet. With ways to improve the quality of the gear you make (and a realistic chance to screw up when you push yourself to make something more powerful and ruin your project). The ability to make gear in 9 different styles (one for each of the races of Tamriel) is a nice bonus. But the best part of crafting in ESO is the hidden crafting sites that let you craft unique items with special abilities not available anywhere else in the game. Because who doesn’t want to forge their armor with mystical abilities available only to a special few?

Separating class and weapon skills

ESO made some significant breaks from MMO tradition in its design and style. One of the biggest (and best) changes is in how characters choose and use weapons. Instead of the character class dictating which weapons a character can use, any class can use any weapon (though some Elder Scrolls online classes have bonuses for using certain weapons, like sorcerers with staff weapons). Weapon skills are instead treated like any other universal skill, available to all players who want them. The ability to use whatever weapon and armor combination best suits what you want for your character ranks as one of the best parts of ESO.

Faction based PvP

In most MMOs, PvP is very much one-on-one. While there are factions who are fighting against each other, that’s big story stuff, not something that involves individual players. In ESO the factions are fighting for control of the capital of Materiel, with the winning faction getting to name their best character Emperor. And that doesn’t even begin to take into account the ability to defend or attack fortified towers, the chance to lay claim the Elder Scrolls of legend or being able to fight as part of an army through the streets of Cyrondil.

Unlimited skill points

It’s such a little thing, a skill point. But any MMO player is well familiar with how big deal they are–as well as the long minutes spent deciding where to put the next point, the careful counting to know how many points you will have available for this character, and how many you need to get the build you want. The debates as to whether you want to spend one of your precious respects to fix a poorly placed skill point, or just live with the consequences. And all of those are no more in ESO. Unlimited skill points. You can collect skill points not just from leveling, but from reading books, finding crystal shards, and perhaps a few other ways. And if you want to experiment with a different skill, you can put a skill point into it and not worry, because there are always more skill points to use later.
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