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Star Wars: The Old Republic

The RPG specialists Bioware required by the trade press for a long time Gamescom-date: before journalists the mega-project “Star Wars – The Old Republic could” test, even for twenty minutes, they had to look at a half-hour demonstration. Specific requirements for a special game obviously. COMPUTER GAMES PICTURE took the time – and it was worth it: The online role-playing game “The Old Republic” plays refreshingly different and believe with authentic “Star Wars”-like atmosphere.

Tell analysis, online role-playing game
“The Old Republic ‘plays several thousand years before the events of the movies. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are still up.Nevertheless, there is unrest in the galaxy: The former peace agreement between Jedi and Sith warriors everywhere rage and crumbling smaller skirmishes. So much for history. “The Old Republic” sees itself as an online narrative role-playing. Unlike competing, titles here are straightforward tasks with an exciting plot in the foreground.

All dialogs in the game sound to the developer. In addition to an English, there is a French and German synchronization. The dialog system of “The Old Republic” enthusiastic in the early version of the title: Players always have the choice whether to be aggressive or subtle. If one is traveling in a group of adventurers, too rough edges approach rapidly provides resentment among teammates. The title always binds all the group members at the meeting: The issues between the players jump up and down. To determine the way each of the adventure miKampf with the lightsaber

In “The Old Republic” there are five character classes: the shrewd smuggler hiding behind walls on a button and enters his opponents by powerful special moves between the legs. The trooper is a soldier with a large laser gun and thicker armor heavily armed. The bounty hunter Boba-fat-like to fly a short time and has gadgets like a flamethrower. Of course the noble, not to have the lightsaber and Force powers Jedi equipped. The focus of the Gamescom-2009-presentation, the dark side of power was in the form of the Sith Lords.Diese gloomy fellows have effective Machtangriffe: Per shortcut leading players from well-known operations such as the stranglehold of Darth Vader. The Sith Fires lightning bolts from his hands – or he picks by thought power doors weighing tons.
The control of the old republic “is reminiscent of strong.Action role-playing games such as “Gothic” or “Sacred”: On the Online role-playing game Star Wars – The Old Republic: Flamethrower.Special attacks, with the left mouse button, leads the Sith warriors actions of its primary weapon (lightsaber) from. Gameplay is surprisingly fast: The March sprung to fly officially on the next opponent. Convenient: Once the Sith Jedi struck down a student to complete the all too short game session, the player grabbed his lightsaber and continued to fight with two blades.

Graphically, “recalls the Old Republic” to the “Star Wars” animated series. The faces of the figures seem exaggerated, do not want a realistic impression. The outer sections are convincing: External landscapes and beautiful buildings have drawn weaknesses of the graphics routine (for example, in buildings or the opponent display) almost forgotten.

First Impressions: Star Wars – The Old Republic
It is truly a mammoth project, which works because of Bioware. The enormous experience of the role-making experts to implement ambitious ideas (dialogue system!) Possible. Regarding combat mechanics “shows The Old Republic” positive approaches. The Gamescom-Conclusion: Bioware is to tinker on the right path, from the great template massive online role playing game.



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Guild Wars 2

The recently launched and hotly discussed sequel MMO which comes from ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2, is actually a stunning game and there is hardly any doubt with that. It can boast of probably the most refined and cutest game environments to feature for an online RPG for some time, despite the fact that in strictly eye candy standards, TERA, as well as the new version of Aion, has its beat. Guild Wars 2 provides a profoundly passionate art direction to the formula – it features contrast lighting as well as smooth shading techniques, and you continue to be obsessed with fantastic voiceover conversation and moving scenes. The reason why it is so fascinating could be the open ended character of this game making it possible to interact in a number of spontaneous ways. However, the most seducing stuff happens to be the fight sequences.

The combats are full of visual style and are fast-paced while skills are showered from an assortment of dozens. There are lots of weapons related to each profession, each unlocking 2 to 5 skills whenever equipped. It is also possible for the gamers to switch between as many as 2 weapon sets, which imply that attack sequences are going to vary significantly for each weapon for every profession. Besides this, there are also the customization attributes as well as skills which can be dispersed as you move up in levels, and you will certainly be pushed hard in order to meet the identical cookie-cutter build.

It could be pretty disorderly to have a large number of battle effects, skills, situations, character movements and boons within a single-player conflict. Think about 10 or more individuals in the very same place unloading their skills. This is where Guild Wars 2 has its downsides; you’re not in a position to analyze what is actually happening, or even locate your target due to an excessive amount of information on the screen.

Essentially, Guild Wars 2 conveys the story of a world which is under the continuous threat of dragons. Entire nations, as well as races, could be easily wiped out by these all-powerful dragons which will bring their downfall. For this reason, the playable races in Guild Wars 2 were introduced which will eventually push the story plot at the higher levels. However, the missions are targeted towards aiding you to adapt to the game universe, realizing the diversified crew of NPCs along with the peculiarities of races plus the complexities of society which will play a huge role in your surge as a hero. Guild Wars 2 essentially builds up your “private story” as the main character which is actually a return to traditional protagonist storytelling.

Lots of excellent tweaks to the regular MMO formula happen to be unveiled by Guild Wars 2. It pits 3 realms against one another in a single instance full of competitive resources and is remarkably exciting as well as elegant. The low-level gamers, in addition, have a means of pitching in which encourages community kinship and also connects each realm whilst inspiring competitiveness along with skillful play.

Guild Wars 2, in general, is technically innovative, exuding a convincingly contemporary take in addition to elegance on a fanciful MMO.


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Final Fantasy 14

Final fantasy 14 is the fourteenth version of one of the largest and popular online games in the web world. It is the second release after the final fantasy eleven in the final fantasy series of games designed to massively online with huge multiplayer capabilities taking it to a whole new level of gaming experience. Cheap FF14 Gil is role-playing game to allow a player to choose his or her desired role and thus offers the taste of everyone likes. The game is designed and developed by the square enix and is available in four different languages namely: English, German, Japanese, and French. But apart from developers’ point of view, the player is more interested in winning the points and in turn the money from it. And there comes the Gil’s guide to make it a piece of cake.

The best way to earn in the game of Final Fantasy XIV Gil is by clearing leves or levels in generic terms. On winning these leves and going to the next one, the player gets the reward points which are equivalent to earning money too. Now it depends on which mode or role you are playing the game in. There are mainly two types of modes: battlecraft leves and fieldcraft leves.

The battlecraft leves consist of tasks like fighting the monsters. These leves are best suited if a player is playing as the member of the discipline of war class as they can easily slay monsters due to their inheritance of battling powers. Similarly, field craft leves involve gathering specific objects. Thus they are most suited when the player is playing as the member of the land class. So if winning points is your main concern stick to the first rule of clearing leves suited for the discipline. FFXIV Gil for Sale will greatly enhance your performance and increase your powers subsequently in the next levels to come. Although earning by crafting is a nice option but most of the time it takes painfully long time whatever you try to make, even if it is a weapon or armor. The trick in this is to craft an item which is very rare and then selling it at a high price. The rarer the item is the higher is the chance to get more prices.

But if you do not have the patience to craft item over a long time, gathering items is another option to earn fast money. In this case also the rarer the item gathered is, the more money you can expect from it. For this first you should look for the rarest item which can be mined and then work for them. Once you have the item, try to Buy FFXIV Gil and sell it to the crafters at the highest possible price. The secret to earning a 1,000,000 of Gils can be tricky at time and it is advised to follow the chrono’s guide to get it fast without wasting much time on research. Chrono’s guide is a collection of secrets, tricks, and tips that will help you to go ahead of others in no time. So prepare yourself and dive into the world of online super gaming.

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Elder Scrolls

If somehow you still haven’t heard of them, synergy skills are special class skills designed to be used together. Each synergy skill is paired with a skill from another of the Elder Scrolls online classes, and when they are used together, players get a bonus effect stronger than either skill alone. Obviously, synergy skills are designed for use in group play. Synergy skills are a unique aspect of ESO that encourages players in groups and PvP to actively work together. In effect, synergy skills let players use coordinated attacks, like in action movies and anime. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Crafting system

The ESO crafting system is sweet. With ways to improve the quality of the gear you make (and a realistic chance to screw up when you push yourself to make something more powerful and ruin your project). The ability to make gear in 9 different styles (one for each of the races of Tamriel) is a nice bonus. But the best part of crafting in ESO is the hidden crafting sites that let you craft unique items with special abilities not available anywhere else in the game. Because who doesn’t want to forge their armor with mystical abilities available only to a special few?

Separating class and weapon skills

ESO made some significant breaks from MMO tradition in its design and style. One of the biggest (and best) changes is in how characters choose and use weapons. Instead of the character class dictating which weapons a character can use, any class can use any weapon (though some Elder Scrolls online classes have bonuses for using certain weapons, like sorcerers with staff weapons). Weapon skills are instead treated like any other universal skill, available to all players who want them. The ability to use whatever weapon and armor combination best suits what you want for your character ranks as one of the best parts of ESO.

Faction based PvP

In most MMOs, PvP is very much one-on-one. While there are factions who are fighting against each other, that’s big story stuff, not something that involves individual players. In ESO the factions are fighting for control of the capital of Materiel, with the winning faction getting to name their best character Emperor. And that doesn’t even begin to take into account the ability to defend or attack fortified towers, the chance to lay claim the Elder Scrolls of legend or being able to fight as part of an army through the streets of Cyrondil.

Unlimited skill points

It’s such a little thing, a skill point. But any MMO player is well familiar with how big deal they are–as well as the long minutes spent deciding where to put the next point, the careful counting to know how many points you will have available for this character, and how many you need to get the build you want. The debates as to whether you want to spend one of your precious respects to fix a poorly placed skill point, or just live with the consequences. And all of those are no more in ESO. Unlimited skill points. You can collect skill points not just from leveling, but from reading books, finding crystal shards, and perhaps a few other ways. And if you want to experiment with a different skill, you can put a skill point into it and not worry, because there are always more skill points to use later.
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World of Warcraft

All games on PC platforms are riddled with occasional bugs and glitches on their first release, and even a top selling game like World of WarCraft is no exception. Patches are not only meant to fix mistakes on the developer’s side, but they can also include some minor tweaks to the gameplay, add some new enhancements or plug-in exploits that other players take advantage of. Having the latest official World of WarCraft patch will allow you to enjoy the most stable build with all the latest fixes and enhancements that the developers applied for all online players.

Since World of WarCraft is purely an online RPG, you cannot play the game without installing the latest World of WarCraft patch in your system. This is because Blizzard checks your version when you log in to the server and compares it with the server version if it is equal or not. This is to ensure all players are equally balanced and share fixes and feature set.

A World of WarCraft patch is around 20-40 MB and can escalate as future patches are released. That’s a big file size for a patch and usually, has a long list of changes making these patches worth the wait for downloading and installing.

Patches are conveniently downloadable from the Blizzard servers on demand while the game is running, so you don’t have to worry about finding the patches yourself. However, there are plenty of mirrors around that offer several links to the latest patch. Try to avoid these whenever possible as they may contain viruses or trojans that can modify your system and possibly corrupt your game.

Even though World of WarCraft downloads the latest patch when needed when the game runs, that shouldn’t stop you from checking out what the patch does on Blizzard’s Patch Notes section. Many of the changes usually consist of exploit fixing and some improvements to the features. This can affect both your game play and strategies whenever a patch is released. By knowing all the major changes, you can adjust ahead of players that don’t bother checking it out.

Any World of WarCraft and expansion owners should check out notes regarding previous patches while the others should upgrade to the latest World of WarCraft patch as soon as possible to play. The updating process is usually hassled free to most gamers and after it’s finished installing; all you can do is enjoy the features while you can until a next patch is needed.

When playing a game of any kind, it’s all about the ammunition and power that you can gain along the way. This is especially true if you are playing an online game like World of Warcraft. Popularized by Blizzard Entertainment a few years back, Wow as a game has become one of the most successful series ever released in the market, which has millions of people as followers.

Although the game universe is fictional, you might be surprised at just how similar it is to the real world in the sense that gold is what makes the world go round. So how exactly can you work your way towards earning more gold in Wow? What are you supposed to do as a player to gain as much riches as you can and be in for fun filled adventure while playing the game?

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